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My non-lj friend is in the middle of this situation and I am wondering what your comments/input would be.

Annie has been dating John for several years, and recently moved into an apartment with him. Brian is John's close friend since highschool and before. About three months ago, Brian confessed to Annie that he has had feelings for her for a long time [although he is currently dating]. Annie acknowleges this graciously but declines to return his affections. A few weeks ago, Brian has come into hard times and John offers him a room in their apartment [Annie agrees reluctantly but does not say anything about her reluctance to John]. Things seem fine, Brian appears to have moved on.

Yesterday, Brian text messages Annie asking "when are we going to do it?" [annie ignores this, not thinking he is serious]. He then sends her a message stating that if she is interested, he will leave his bedroom door open that night. She does not quite believe he is serious and asks him questions like "Do you really think this is right? What about your girlfriend? How could you live with yourself, doing this to your best friend?" etc.

So that night, he opens his door as he said he would. He then text messages her at 10:30 wanting to know "are we still on for tonight?" [she ignores it]. He texts her again at 11:30 "when are you coming over?", and finally calls around 1:30, by this time she has fallen asleep and only gets his message in the morning, which is "what happened? why didn't you come?" - her reply was "I was in bed SLEEPING. with my BOYFRIEND."

So....what do you think of the situation?

I think....if she isn't interested in cheating on her boyfriend, she needs to tell hiim VERY CLEARLY to back off NOW, as Brian still clearly has feelings for her and may try to escalate the situation in some manner. I also think she should talk things over with her boyfriend, since he remains oblivious to the situation. I guess my main question is this: if you were Annie, how offended would you be if I told you that? I still have to work with her so I don't really want to alienate her.

Also, in case anyone ever wants to learn anything about russian sign language, i suggest they just go to a search engine and look up "russian sign language" **smacks self on head**
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