BeeKay (ninerfan_11) wrote in thequestionclub,

daily mix bag 'o fun...

::: OK, so my computer's sorta outta commission, so my whole daily mixed bag of fun was interrupted yesterday.


1. What was the last strike of "bad luck" you suffered?
me: I got a flat tire last night

2. What was the last new food/drink that you tried? (As in new to you, not necessarily new on the market). What did you think of it?
me: that lipton green tea/citrus tea diet flavor is awesome!

3. What's your worst bad habit?
me: biting my nails (cliche, yeah, i know)

4. What's your favorite adult cartoon (i.e. The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Futurama, and the like...)
I enjoy me some King of the Hill on occassion... but generally I don't get sucked in by these types of shows.

5. What was the last thing of substantial substance that you bought for yourself?
I bought myself a new cell phone yesterday.

6. Anyone tried the new vanilla Frosty's at Wendy's? How do they compare to the original?

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