thespians do it in front of an audience (pureaddiction) wrote in thequestionclub,
thespians do it in front of an audience

Boredom bombs.

1) What do you do which is decidedly strange?

2) Read Shakespeare? What are your favourite plays/poems?

3) Any books you recommend, my reading list is getting low.

4) Is a sponsered account worth it? In the long run, I mean.

1) I sit at the bottom of the shower and read. I make sure the spray is only hitting my legs and read books. I do it constantly. I also must have the radio on while I sleep. Thing is I only turn the radio on when I go to sleep.

2) My favourite plays are The Comedy of Errors and The Merchant of Venice. I also love sonnet 141.

3) I will recommend to you all House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski. I will also recommend Cry of The Peacock by Gina B. Nahai.

4) Well I don't know. I'm dying for paid account time but I'm broke almost all of the time. Maybe I can convince my brtoher for graduation. I tried sponsered for 5 minutes before I got sick of it.

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