gee (pinkfaerietale) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm the one that sucks at explaining themself!!! Apologies in advance!

If you knew that someone very close to you was going to die within 3 months, what would you do to remember them? I would get a video camera and record as much of them as possible. But what kind of things would you want to record? What else would you  do to make as many memories and to capture as many memories as possible?

I am a big kid at heart and want to put stickers all over my pc. So if I do this, is there a way to remove them completly a few years down the line if I change my mind? What I mean is, is there a product I can buy that I could rub on to remove them entirely?

What type of Paint/PSP can I download (for free preferably) for use on a Mac iBook?

Where do all the missing socks go? I think there is a black hole and they're all sucked into it!
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