Mary Anne (supermary) wrote in thequestionclub,
Mary Anne

There is no method to the madness

1.) Open relationships/polyamory: excuse to whore around, or one of the most honest types of relationship out there?
2.) Which finishes first, your shampoo or your conditioner?
3.) Have you been following the world cup? why or why not?
4.) Last place you visited? What about the next?
5.) Are you often bored? What do you do about it?
6.) Would you consider yourself to be a "normal" person (ie, does enough to get by), a lazy person who likes to leech off other people, or someone who actually tries hard to get what they want?

1.) I actually prefer the concept of polyamory to that of monogamy.
2.) Shampoo
3.) Of course, because I am brazilian and I would probably be murdered if I didn't.
4.) CA. prolly Chicago.
5.) Yes. I RQ and TQC.
6.) Normal/mediocre.

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