Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Exhibitionism anyone?

Let's say there was a high-priced love motel that you and your SO decide to stay at. The only room left was the Exhibitionist room. What makes this room distinct is that it's at ground level, on the street, facing a very busy thoroughfaire section of the city. The entire wall facing the street is glass, without any curtains. The introductary pamphlett explains that the window is completely one-way and from the street, looks like a large mirror. The glass is reinforced, and there's supports next to it to help couples get more comfortable while they take advantage of the...mood. The room is soundproof. There are many people walking back and forth, and a lot of people look your way, but you're not sure if they can see you or are just utilizing the mirror.

Your partner has been in the amorous mood the whole ride over and they want to 'christen' the room and they're intrigued by the window sex setup.

1. Would you try it?
2. When you're not having sex (if you did), do you think you'd walk around naked? Or would you put on clothes and cover up immediately?
2. Does the scenario sound sexy, frightening, or what adjective would you use?
3. Have you ever had exhibitionist sex before? What's the most interesting place you got it on?
4. Have you ever been caught having sex? Who caught you?

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