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Positive... Negative... and wahuh?

(((EDIT: Thanx for all the input peoples... so far I didn't get any info I didn't allready know... but I do appreciate the comments! I really only wanted to know if there had ever been a case of a woman who was pregnant and a pee test never showed a positive due to her physiology? The general information I know and if I didn't... is my friend! *grin*)))

To all the ladies... (and well informed men),

I think it is possible that I am pregnant... and I am not trying for offspring at this point in my life. No, this is not an abortion inquiry... I don't believe in "casual" abortions but I am pro-choice.

Here is the issue... while I am not always on the exact 28day cycle... the last 8 months or so... things have been like clockwork!! Pretty much every 28days I was in for roughly 6days of female "joy"...if not that, it would start a day or so early...

I am currently about 12 days late for my period... I have not been on any medication... nor have I recently stopped any medication. I am aware of stress being a possible reason for a late start... as well as extra physical exertion. Honestly... this month has been way less stressful than I have been in a while and I haven't been pumping weights or anything!

Yes, I do plan to be tested perhaps at Planned Parenthood if I don't start my cycle soon. Yes, I am sexually active and my BF is aware of this possible occurrence...

SO, a few days ago I went to the store and I purchased both the new 'first response test' and a regular store brand test, considering I wasn't too sure which one would apply at that point? I followed all the instructions and precautions. Anyhow, I took them both... double negative! Okay... so I'm thinking... great... no big thing... my period is probably just about to start... I'm just being paranoid.

Yet... now I am almost another week late... and still nothing. Even though morning sickness isn't prominent in my family, I would almost welcome it for a sure sign. But I don't feel incredibly different physically. To my knowledge, I have never been pregnant before and I am currently just over 22yrs old. I have never been this late before... here is my main question?? Being aware as I am of every person being a little to a lot different medically speaking...

Can a woman be pregnant and still get negative results with a test? And the test be working perfectly fine, she just happens to be a lucky 1 in 26million that the modern day pee test cannot detect her pregnancy?

Funny... it was Father's Day that made me think to check my calender!!!

*GRIN* I feel silly... but since I go out and party every once in a while... I'd rather not be miss directed by a couple of tests into giving my first born fetal alcohol syndrome! Thanx for any input... I only just found this community a couple weeks ago... the universe works in interesting ways.

Love and Light!
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