A (toholdyounear) wrote in thequestionclub,

Personality Disorders

My friend mentioned to me yesturday, and this made me think.

Is there such thing as multiple personality disorders?

He said that I just have so many different sides to my personality, I can be one person then all of a sudden I'm someone else. I am very unpredictable, I never know who I am sometimes.

We counted like 20 different personalitys that I have, and they are all completly different from one another.

I'm undiagnosed, but I think I have been suffering from depression for years, but I notice that I am not just low, I hit rock bottom and then all of a sudden I feel so high, like being drunk, when I am completely sober.

My mum is going to take me to see a therapist but she keeps putting it off because she has also just been diagnosed with depression and is on Valium. I don't think she could handle knowing her daughter has it as well.

Does anyone suffer from the same symptoms?

I just don't think I can keep going on like the way I have been lately.

I think this comes from the fact I have been abused for 18 years. I am really not sure.
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