Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

okay guys. I'm at work. one of our computers won't turn on. I am the most tech savvy of the three of us, and have popped it open and blown it out with a can of compressed air, but to no effect.

What I know: The monitor works, so it's not an issue with the power strip.
pressing the power button causes no reaction. none.
After plugging it in, and for about ten seconds after unplugging it, a faint clicking can be heard from a box marked "no user serviceable parts"- it appears to hold the fan, and the power supply.
And, uh, maybe I'm just dense or maybe this is the glaringly obvious problem, but I can't find the hard drive, unless it's in with where I think the power supply is. the empty space underneath the CD drive worries me.

It is a Compaq deskpro, I think it was running windows 2000 or 98. It is Intel pentium (blank). it has a horizontal CPU. It is -that- old. The floppy dish drive doesn't work, and the CD-rom drive I beliiieeeve doesn't work.

so... where should my hard drive be, for one, and any suggestions as to what's wrong?
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