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So I'm participating in a writing challenge where you have to write a monologue from the viewpoint of someone who is not considered normal by society. I've decided to go for the big one and write one from the view of someone who is in a mental institution, confined to a padded cell.

I have tried to google this, but I'm not sure what it is I should be looking for. I've been in a padded room before so describing how it feels being in there is going to be no problem at all, but I'm having real trouble trying to figure out how I would write this girl so that it's clear she's insane, but I don't go over the top.

Now, just for a bit of background, this girl sees things. Violent things. She could look in the mirror and instead of seeing her normal face, she would see a skull with the flesh dripping off of it or something. She sees regular people walking around not as people, but living corpses. Taps suddenly start dripping blood instead of water and the floor turns from a regular tiled floor to a snake pit. Pretty grotesque, messed up things really.
This is an ambitious thing for me to try and do and I have some ideas, I'm just not sure how to write it so that it doesn't sound over the top. Any suggestions? Any tips for googling so that I can maybe find something that would help me better?
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