nfinitemonkeys (nfinitemonkeys) wrote in thequestionclub,

I just got a wedding invitation in the mail, and I'm stumped as to what I should wear. The RSVP says "Attire is Dress Casual" which I would usually interpret to mean nice dress slacks and a decent top. From the invitation though, it seems like they might be talking more casual than that. The wedding is being held on a farm owned by the bride's family, and I don't know if it's outside or what. The invitation is also pretty informal. For example, it says "Please RSVP so we'll know how much meat, taters, and all the fixin's to gather." I don't want to overdress and look uppity, but I don't want to show up looking like I was raised in a barn, even if the wedding ends up being held in one.

What would you wear?
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