Cantras (starlitsiren) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay. Is it rude to, on discovering that the bathroom is occupied, wait outside the door?
I mean, I've done it everywhere- dorms, airports, a house with one bathroom and 4 people- generally waiting your turn in line is standard... but my roommate just left me a cranky note about that and other things, saying I should stop that because it's RUDE.
Edit: both times (somg I've doen it twice) she was brushing her teeth. So I walk bleary-eyed into the bathroom, small scale heart attack becase there's someone in there, back up and wait in the alcove between my room door and the bathroom. It's not like I have my ear to the door lsitening to her pee.

I also hate that she uses 'picking up those bags' as an example of soemthing I could do to help out around the house. I don't shop at the place those bags are from, and her cat puts them on the floor, not me.

Last night my boss emailed me to check on something, and finished with "see you tomorrow at 10". I normally come in at 9, but I came in last week at ten because she told me to(becasue she had stuff to do outside the office in the morning). I emailed her back to check but she hasn't responded.
So! go in at 9, and risk the door being locked, or show up at ten, which would kinda be her fault there...
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