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Roommates: Age difference of 20 years

I have a prospective roommate for if I pursue moving out of state early next year, and it isn't at a school or base or anything; just merely an apartment or townhouse. We are both females but I will be 19 then and she will be around 41 or so. This has a few of my family members concerned (or confused), although I justify the age difference by remembering it's not going to be permanent and I don't think either of us have romantic intentions. I was wondering if this scenario seems to raise that many red flags? What are the possibilities, do you think? Is it reasonably reasonable for a woman of that age to be that comfortable living with someone of my own age? We share tastes in music and interests and what not... I obviously am not yet familiar with her lifestyle habits, but maybe that's the whole point of trial-and-error? Should I go through with this?
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