Chris (chrismsx) wrote in thequestionclub,

Is a girl with a big booty better in bed than a girl with a flat one?

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Is it all just an attraction thing...Or is it something that matters when having sex?

Does the butt REALLLY make a difference ?

Why am I asking this?
Well as a South-side of Chicago native and active member of the African American community it's always been my preference to constantly get "crunk" as well as like a girl with a little junk in the trunk BUT I'm more partial to someone with a more impressive personality than posterior.(Besides all my friends here only mess with girls with big butts so I have no one else to ask.)

The other day someone asked me.. Why do black guys like the booty so much and I didn't have a real answer, I never REALLY thought about it, I just know that most of us..just do.

I mean it could be like the idea of girls(white girls in particular) having to be really skinny to be commonly attractive, to parts of our society thats just a forced truth because they grow up being told and shown that through media outlets and even some parents...but in other countries or even other centuries (the goddess era for instance, all the most chased after and worshipped women would have shopped at Lane Bryant)the bigger/curvier(without being unhealthy) woman was/is more attractive because curves are a sign of fertility and skinny was/is a sign of sickness.

It could be black males are just more in touch with a primal urge to mate and spread seeds, or it could just be all the dang music videos and rappers have programmed us to like and appreciate apple shaped bottoms. But the notion had to originate from some where because rap only came into exsistance around 30 years ago. (See..can't blame it for everything.)

Which just takes me back to where I started. I don't know why Black men like thickness..and I prolly won't find out, but one can dream...of butts. But not me because that's kinda half way perverted. The very fact that IU took the time to write this would seem that way but after I was asked that, I couldn't get it off my mind..Like really no one had ever really asked me, they just took it as a fact that it's what I liked, and so did I.
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