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Family Over Work?


1. I work in the deli department of a small chain grocery store. To get a day off, you have to notify your manager at least two weeks before the day, so it can be worked into the schedual. I've only had to do this twice.

2. My niece is turning 1 July 27th. Her party was supposed to be held the 29th, and I got the day off weeks ago.


1. Now, my sister is changing the date to the 23rd because certian family members cannot make otherwise.

2. I told my manager this (mind, it's still over a month away) and was told she could most likely NOT give me that day off, because she would be on vacation, and isnt letting anyone request days off. She said maybe, but probably not.

I get 2 days off a week generaly, and I only work part time (between 12 and 38 hours). I dont see why she cant just make that day one of my days off, but I digress.

If I dont end up getting the day of the party should I call in sick? Should I go to the party for a few hours, not help my sister out all day as I said I would, and then go to work? Should I tell my boss, point blank 'I am not coming in this day. Weather you schedual me or not, I will not be here.'? Or is there another option I'm not seeing? Amayah will only turn one once, ever. I dont want to miss it! Help?
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