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Apparently I have a real knack for remembering stories that DON'T EXIST. >_<
This is my usual infrequent call for anyone who can find a particular story, although this time around I have a few stories I'm after.

I imagine you've heard this request from me before. Basically, some guy (possibly a truck driver) is driving down a road at night and starts seeing various spooky things along the side of the road. When he turns off the road/when daylight comes they vanish.

Some family is going to see a cave (Mammoth cave?) but when they get to where they think the cave is they find a little old house with an old lady (two old ladies?) in it who say 'Oh, it's closed, but we suppose we can let you go down there...'. The father looks and it's a long spiral staircase leading into a deep sinkhole. He gets the creeps and says they'll wait till morning. In the morning they find that the cave is nothing at all like what they saw at night and there is no little old house or spiral staircase.

I actually read the basic story of this one in Flamsterette's awesome ghost collection. But it's fairly long, so:
At some unknown time, cops kill a few robbers/general villain-types in the sewers/tunnel under some house (address unknown) but the bodies are swept away by the current of filth.
The residents of the house above die, apparently of fear, then the owner does also when he attempts to stay the night.
Some cops decide to stake the place out to find out if they really killed all the robbers; the cops on the upper floor hear screaming from below and run down to find their fellow officers dead next to a sewer beast, which was generally human shaped but with four arms, four eyes, and a coating of muck. All but one of the remaining officers die of fright and the remaining one tells his story in the hospital.
He mentions it was more terrifying than it should have been, and people who live nearby say the place is randomly terrifying even when they're facing away.

Now, the author of the story in the collection lists it as a myth/legend he heard but also says he used to know the address of the house; has anyone heard of this or is he simply an excellent fiction writer?

I've googled these as best I could but I'm coming up empty. Can anyone find these or at least assure me I'm not the only one who read them?
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