non (ontheqt) wrote in thequestionclub,

A friend of mine has just quit her job and the only things she has available to eat are peanut butter and wheat bread.

what are some good recipies that would create some sort of variety with what is available?


edit: for those who are too lazy to scroll down and read my comment-
I know this is a wtf moment but heres what I told her:
 toast it and have peanut butter toast which is like a large dose of protein for the entire day-
which means less hunger in the evening,right?
sounds pretty good considering how screwed she is, right?

well, after I posted this on her myspace, her friend replied back(from what I can remember):

"this is all she has to eat. she cannot eat just peanut butter."
and i was posted back  "I was just trying to be nice." and then my friend posts saying thanks to abbie who suggested sliced bread or some shit.

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