Prose is architecture, and the Baroque is over. (_vanityfair) wrote in thequestionclub,
Prose is architecture, and the Baroque is over.

Random questions

1. How often do you go out for swimming?

2. What's in your purse or wallet?

3. Other than bills, what do you always spend your money on?

4. Have you ever experienced Hurricane Katrina?

5. Was losing your virginity planned?

Edit: Sorry about the question #2, I didn't see someone else asking the similar question last night. You don't have to answer that one twice, tho.

1. Twice a week if not rainy.

2. Sunglasses, In Touch magazine, wallet, checkbook, five pens, two chapsticks, lipgloss, travel-size body lotion, vehicle registration card, key chains, paper slip with driving directions, small luck stone, safety pin, needle with the thread, one earring, two hair things and a pair of sunglobes.

3. Thin cigars, a pint of Ben & Jerry's ice cream, lots of beer :/, some magazines and shoes (occasionally).

4. No. I can't wait to see next week's MTV's Real World.

5. Yes.
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