The Quiet One (maybeabumblebee) wrote in thequestionclub,
The Quiet One

1. Has anyone here donated plasma? What was it like? What kinds of questions did they ask you? How long did it take? How much money did you make? Can you tell I'm slightly scared, but poor enough to consider it?

2. How many people do you have that you consider "friends" as opposed to aquaintances/co-workers/roomates/people you talk to sometimes?

3. Do you carry a purse or bag? If so what do you keep in it? What is necessary and what is randomly there?

4. Does anyone remember the really, really wide legged skater type pants that were really popular a few years ago? Do they still sell them? Where?

5. What do you think of gay republicans?

1. I have not, but I am super poor. I'm in fairly good shape and I eat well, but I'm overweight and afraid that will diqualify me.

2. I realized that I have very few people I consider friends, and lots of people I like, but I don't consider friends. I have maybe 4 or 5 people I consider friends.

3. I carry a bag of some sort most of the time. In mine right now is my wallet, my keys, my checkbook, a half knitted baby hat project, a pair of scissors, some swedish fish, a tube of burts bees, the 2nd volume of Card Captor Sakura, the letter my best friend just sent me from Japan, my camera, my cell phone, a veg. cookbook, a water bottle, 3 condoms, my netflix movies, and a stuffed hello kitty. I carry a lot of unescessary shit in there.

4. I want some. I have no idea why.

5. I am slightly confused by the idea, but I also understand a bit. I dunno.
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