Angela (aint2nuts) wrote in thequestionclub,

Okay, some background.

I am a disabled Mom on SSI (think, very limited income). I have three kids. 8-9-10.

Lately I have become 'the house' to be at with all the neighborhood kids. We have cable, Yu-gi-oh cards, Gameboys, nintendo ds, air conditioning, and snacks.

That is where my question comes in.

I can start making some semi-healthy snacks for the kids. Granola, peanut butter cookies, ice pops, smoothies. However, it is going to cost me (not as much as store bought crap, but still...)

So, what would you do? Be the nice Mom on the block who always has snacks and bottled water or be the practical Mom who says "Go home and have a snack, then come back".

Being the nice Mom would cost me about 30-40 a month in snack food. That is if I make the snack food. I could fit it into my budget and chalk it up to entertainment expenses. We would eat out a lot less (two meals worth) but that is a fair trade off.

In trade I get to be "The Mom" to about 6-7 extra kids each day, and when I need help with something, I always have a willing kid around to do it.

I have already practically adopted one of the kids, he is here in the morning first thing and doesn't leave until later afternoon early evening when the kids are home. When they are home, he is here. He has eaten dinner with us many times this week, as well as lunch, snacks, water bottles. He is so free to do whatever in my house, he gets his snacks without asking and just walks in when he gets here. LOL

What do you think? Rein in the giving tree, or go ahead and feed the neighborhood?
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