Kate (low_billions) wrote in thequestionclub,

Loads of questions....

1. Has anyone ever gotten in trouble for a file to file sharing program such as Bearshare? Is there anyway I can reverse the damages now and not get sued? I've downloaded a fair amount of music, and I don't want to have my life ruined over Gwen Stefani's "Crash".

2. I need to find a laptop: It doesn't have to include any special features or have much memory. All I need is a laptop that has a word processor (and possibly powerpoint as well) and internet capabilities. What I do need is a CHEAP laptop. I don't mind a refurbished or preowned laptop. I don't mind buying it online or off ebay either.
-Word Processor+Internet
-Runs quickly
-Doesn't have to have a lot of memory or bells and whistles

3. I'm looking for a job over the summer. So far I have worked at Dunkin Donuts and Subway (although I may omit Subway from my resume, as I was fired unfairly). I will graduate high school nine days, sans resume. I was looking at the following jobs Administrative Assistant and Receptionist. The problem is I lack secretarial experience, although I have a customer service from Dunkin Donuts and Subway (or, ahem, just Dunkin Donuts). Do I even have a shot? I type fast, and have taken classes in Financial Mathematics and all sorts of computer classes in high school.

4. Both ask for resumes, as well. Of the virtual variety. So, how would I format an online resume AND highlight my customer service past?

5. And, finally, what are some good job hunting sites that have entry level jobs (or jobs that a high school grad can get over the summer). I'm looking for ANYTHING but stripping, drug running, and fast food that will hire me. Any hints, tips, or suggestions are welcomed- because I'm desperate.

6. Does anyone here just use a cell phone, and doesn't have a landline? What about just uses an internet phone? How's that working out for you?

7. Have you ever learned how to play an instrument or play a sport outside of childhood (older then 18). How did you start off? How good are you now?
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