spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin' (mbmargarita) wrote in thequestionclub,
spliff huxtable split a snatch straight bangin'

Dear TQC, please make important life decisions for me.

Today I went laptop shopping at Best Buy and I found a great price on this Toshiba satellite-- it's just $1149 at my local store until Saturday. It has an Intel® Core™ Duo processor T2400 (1.83 GHz), 120 gigs of hard drive space, and a gig of RAM.

But while I was shopping I got a crush on this Sony VAIO, which would normally just be $100 more expensive but because of the sale costs $250 more than the Toshiba. The Sony only has 100 gigs of hard drive space, and the Duo processor is T2300 (1.66 GHz), and it also has a gig of RAM. The good news is that I found it on sale on J&R for just $1249, so the price difference is just $100 more once again, but the downside of that is that it won't be here this weekend when my computer genius friend was going to help me set it up.

So the question is (and congratulations for making it this far!!!) convince me that it is or isn't worth the extra $100 for the Sony over the Toshiba. The PRO is that it the Sony is WAY cuter, the CON is that it has the slower processor and 20 gigs less of memory er I mean hard drive space, but everything else seems pretty comparable to me.

Also, can anyone figure out whether the Sony has its RAM in one stick of 1 gig or two sticks of 512? That would be worth the extra $100 to me. Oh and I'm going abroad to Spain next semester, so if anyone knows anything about support overseas options, let me know please.

Love and kisses, thanks so much.

EDIT: I think right now I would be too depressed/overwhelmed to consider other brands, let's try to focus on just these two maybe...
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