la Fille au verre d'eau (linden_tree) wrote in thequestionclub,
la Fille au verre d'eau

I'm clueless and I need your help!

A few weeks ago I posted about the fact that I'm entirely ignorant when it comes to fashion!

Since then, a receptionist temp-to-perm job has been obtained with an absolutely huge manufacturing company - starting next week, so...I basically have this weekend to buy an entirely wardrobe that actually fits the business casual dresscode. I've been putting off buying new clothes because I didn't have the money to do so and also I kind of hate shopping, so getting the job is kind of a kick in the ass (and of course it also will bring the money I need with it!).

The one problem is that I'm completely clueless. Hours upon hours of watching What Not to Wear have given me an idea of what not to wear, but I don't really know what *to* wear, except the vague rules like "nothing sleeveless, not too tight, not too loose." I don't have any idea how to put together outfits! I've googled around a bit, but I really need some advice from real people!

Here's a picture of me. It also sums up pretty much my whole wardrobe (jeans, tanktops, and sandals/running shoes). I have a tough time shopping because I'm petite (5'4), but I have curves (and boobs). I have really narrow feet and had foot problems growing up, so I won't do high heels, and I'm also trying to avoid leather/fabrics that come from animals.

Please help me,thequestionclub! What kind of business-casual outfits would you dress me up in?

(edit: I should probably also mention that I know nothing about makeup, and that I'm in Toronto in case anyone has store recommendations!)
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