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fender bender?!

I was driving to school this morning and I was at a stop sign. The lady in front of me started to go(there was enough space for at least 5 or 6 cars to go) and than randomly slammed on her brakes. I had started pulling up to the stop sign so my car tapped hers. She got out and a was yelling at me in chinese. A piece of styrofoam had come out from under her bumper(?!) and was laying on the ground. It was about the size of 2 decks of cards. She picked it up and was yelling. I gave her all of mi info, but there seriously wasn't a mark on either of our cars. I took pictures and she started yelling about that too.

Should I call her in hopes that she hasn't called my insurance company yet? It would be a million times better to settle this without going through our insurance. It's my fathers insurance and he has never had any fault in an accident. He's only been the driver in one in the past 40 years ad someone ran into him. I don't want his car insurance to triple because I hit someone going 8 miles an hour. He thinks she's going to sue us for all sorts of things, especially when he found out she was Chinese because of the stereotype I guess.

She said she would call tonight.
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