Nina (gemmedazure) wrote in thequestionclub,

Career Advice - Aka Begging for One's Old Job Back

Hey all -

So, I'm going to try to summarize this in a semi-reasonable length.

Last December, I gave my notice at a job I had been with for 6 years and loved very much. I had been offered a position at another firm (I didn't go looking, they found me), and was intrigued, so I figured I had to take the plunge. It was one of the most difficult decisions I'd ever made professionally - possibly personal as well - and I've grown to realize it was a huge mistake. lol No regrets mind you - had I not jumped, I would have wondered, you know?

At any rate, I left on excellent terms with all my coworkers there, and have remained in friendly contact with more than a few of them. During a friendly email exchange earlier this week, I casually mentioned that I was probably going to begin scouting for another opportunity soon. My friend (who also hired me first off those 6 years ago and is a Senior Vice President), replied right back and said  "I think we would all love to have you back here.  I'll talk to (insert name of head haunchos here)". This took me way off guard - I hadn't even thought that that would be a possibility, but I jumped right away and would be elated to get back there. I replied thanking her and sent her my updated resume. This was on Monday.

I haven't heard anything back yet, and I'm sitting on pins and needles. I know I'm being over anxious for more than a few reasons - for all I know, they could be trying to find out where to put me or how to work it, or they just might not be interested, who knows... but either way I would really love to know!

So finally - here's my question... I have had a couple of other opportunities sprout up recently. My old company has precedence, no doubt, but I don't want to seem pushy. I was thinking of emailing her back, perhaps tomorrow, just to see if she'd perhaps had the chance to talk to the powers that be yet about any possibilities there... what do you all think? What's the best way to approach this?

Many thanks in advance, and sorry for the length! *blush* lol

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