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White Blood Cells

I know we hate medical questions but I guess this is a more of an "I don't know how to google it" question

Ok so a week or two ago my daughter's pee was STINKY as all that is holy so someone suggested it might be a UTI. I picked up some AZO test strips which have two pads, one tests for white blood cells and the other tests for nitrite.

I stuck it in her diaper and waited for her to pee. The white blood cell test pad came out positive and the nitrite came out negative. I called her doctor so he did a lab culture test and said there was nothing unusual in her urine, everything was normal, no UTI. The smell went away so I figured everything was ok.

Today she kept tugging at her girly bits so I started to get concerned again and gave her another AZO test strip. Again, the white blood cells were ositive and the nitrite was negative.

I asked her doctor and he just responded "we don't really trust over the counter test strips"

But I still wooooonder. What does it mean that the white blood cells strip is testing positive but thr nitrite is testing negative?

If anybody has a free minute whose google-fu is better than mine, would you mind helping me?

x-psted to ask_a_nurse
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