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I have eBay and PayPal. The last time I sold something was about a year ago and it was a smooth transaction. I changed my e-mail address with eBay sometime within the past year, not even thinking about PayPal. I just sold something on eBay and the person payed with PayPal and it went to my NEW e-mail address, an address that I don't have a PayPal account with. I had to create a new PayPal account to accept the buyer's money. Then, I was trying to print a shipping label - I had to enter my bank information. I tried, but then it told me that my bank account was already in use with another PayPal account. I don't have another bank account to assign to this new account. Then, I tried to add my new address to my old PayPal account - I couldn't, because the new address had an existing PayPal account!

I also tried transferring the money from the new account to my old one, but once again I have to have a credit card added to the new account to do that. My only credit card is registered with the old address.

What do I do!!? How am I going to get that money out of my new PayPal account?

(fyi I have already changed my eBay e-mail address back to the old one so this doesn't happen again)

I'm thinking about just taking it as a loss since it's not a whole lot of money, but it would be nice if there was SOME way I could get the money out.
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