Erin Elizabeth (emeraldetoile) wrote in thequestionclub,
Erin Elizabeth

Sleeping arrangement conundrum

Presently, I have two friends staying over from college, a guy and a girl. The girl and I are extremely close, once roommates, the guy is incredibly close to the girl- but he and I get on each others nerves.

Soon we are going to set up in the tv room to watch a movie and relax, where there is a pull out bed from the couch. How do I handle sleeping arrangements? Do I sleep with my female friends in the tv room, and put the dude on the couch in the other room? Do I offer the dude my brother's old bedroom, and sleep downstairs with my friend? Or, do I see if they want to sleep in the same bed and I resign myself to my bedroom? Although I don't know how comfortable she'd be with that, especially with a boyfriend... I'm rather ornery and PMSy tonight and really want my space, but I don't want to be rude to my friends!
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