Always Apologizing (alwaysinmyheart) wrote in thequestionclub,
Always Apologizing

airline seating

Next week i will be flying out of state on Delta. I was planning on losing more weight to make me fit in the seat better, but that didnt work out. I'm not that large but I am 280 and my hips are wide (yes am embarrassed to say that, but for this question, i have no choice). Would anyone know the width of a coach seat? I flew on an airplane last year and im sure i was bigger than this...or inch wise was bigger. I also wasn't aware that there were extended seatbelts available and flew with no seatbelt on the entire flight. Which brings me to my 2nd embarrassing question. When should i ask for a seatbelt extender? Airplanes are noisy before the takeoff with people talking and whatnot and im a quiet person (especially when i fly alone). If i feel i wont be heard in a discreet mellow tone...i won't ask. Your suggestions please?
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