Jess (thejoysofjess) wrote in thequestionclub,

1. Do you know what supplies you need for a hurricane?

2. How many hurricanes have you been in?

3. What kind of tape do you use on the windows when you tape them for a hurricane? Or are you a storm window type of person?

4. Where do you live and does that area take hurricanes seriously or not?

1. Yep. Batteries, canned goods, water, duct tape, flashlights, candles, interesting people.

2. I'm not exactly sure, because I was in a few when I was little that I don't remember. But that I can remember, about 8 maybe?

3. DUCT TAPE. Yesterday where I worked I had to talk at least 15 people out of buying masking tape for their windows. Masking tape is very easily torn by accident, much less when a tree branch is coming through your window.

4. I live in Jacksonville, FL and we don't really take them too seriously. We never really get hit head on, we get bad storm remnants. Our biggest issue is that the power will go out and we won't know what to do because we aren't prepared. In Tallahassee, Fl we really didn't take it seriously (aside from those college students from up north) because it was so far inland that it didn't matter. When I lived in Pensacola though, that was serious. Because they'd actually get hit head on by storms.
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