Saratonin (thegirlsheriff) wrote in thequestionclub,

1) I used to play this game on Atari that no one else seems to remember. It was a maze type game, based in a dungeon (I think). The purpose was to find a key before a giant duck ate it and you. Any ideas?

2) Also, I've been trying to find the title of a book I loved when I was younger. It was about these two girls who didn't take very good care of their dolls. Somehow, they got broken and had to be taken to a doll repair show. The man (who's faced may have been shaped like a moon; or maybe his name was Moon) who fixed the dolls gave the girls a small packet of tea, so they could have a tea party. When the girls drank the tea, they switched places with their dolls. There was also this whole other world, where the toys went when no one was playing with them. The repair man was a king or something and I think a goose owned a sweet shop. Does anyone have any idea what this book is called? Or where else I could go to find out?
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