jdot (babyaeroplanes) wrote in thequestionclub,

My computer is being really shit so I've run Norton Antivirus on it and it's shown that it has two "at risk" of adware files which are one called

grids bow dart\long deaf bit.exe (i kid you not)



but when it tries to delete them it fails and when i tried to delete them manually it said that I cant delete them and to check that they are not being used. But I cant find them other than by using the search option. I've looked them both up online and there's nothing on the second one, although i have found something called bit.exe which could be the same thing, and there's only one thing on updupe.exe which just says to delete it.

what should I do? (that doesn't cost any more money). How do I delete the undeletable file? I don't know any other communities to ask and my house is full of technophobes. I'm pretty sure that it's adware that is fucking shit up because adverts keep popping up
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