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Baby names again!

So I've been busy reading this site all day http://www.notwithoutmyhandbag.com/babynames/9.html, which has the most astounding list of bad bay names.

So, having a bun in the oven and all, me and my BH have been thrashing about some names. They only ones we have been able to agree on are;
girl; Serendipity (Sara for short)
boy; Logan
The question is, are these just too cruel and unusual?
We already have a Meagan (May-gan), which after two years I am scunnered that NOBODY gets it is not Megan! But I am equally scunnered that my son James has such a popular name he now thinks his name is James K! Not that we can come up with a normal name that we both like... we might just have to stick with Skippy! :P

Edited to lose Locke and rayne by very popular demand.
Anyone happier with Serendipity if we promise NEVER to call her that in public and shorten it to Sara?

Edited edit; since all my names suck (exept to a few sterling individuals) and having realised that next time anyone asks 'who stands out in this community', everyone will answer with 'that lassie who called her poor baby some dumb ass name', I've decide to scarp my list and go with;
[insert name here] for either a boy or a girl.

This entry was brought to you with the punctuation : and the letter P
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