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It seems that while I was out tonight my boyfriend cleared the history on my laptop. How would this be beneficial? I know the first thought is snooping but here are other things to consider:

1. It's my work laptop and we work for the same company so he knows how serious it is if we look at "bad" websites. I already know he's been on gun forums and stuff on mine and he hasn't cleared the history then.

2. If he was snooping then wouldn't he just be in sites that were already in my history? So how would I know he was snooping?

3. I checked on his computer and he seems to keep his history fairly clean but like I said I know in the past he hasn't cleared mine.

Come to think of it not long ago it was cleared but I didn't really think anything of it at the time. I know it says to keep pages for ten days but doesn't that mean that if I go to a page every day then it should never really leave? Or does that mean every ten days it's wiped clean completely? It was all there when I was at work today, now it's gone.

(This is really bugging me to the point where I've considered waking him up to ask why he did it. I'm hoping there's a logical reason.)
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