Colonel Mustard (betharoni) wrote in thequestionclub,
Colonel Mustard


Okay, so I made a profile on a Myspace-esque site last year. I changed my e-mail address on the site because I deleted the e-mail account I signed up with. Apparently, the confirmation e-mail was sent to my old (deleted) address. The site doesn't mention that, so I had no way of knowing beforehand. The site doesn't have a "Forgot password?" page, nor is there any contact e-mail address or help section/FAQ. I made a new account to send a message to the creator of the site. He read the message (I checked), and no response. Soooo, now I have pictures on that site, and personal information. I didn't mind that information being on the site in the first place, obviously. However, I don't like the idea of having that information public if I have no control over it.

My question is, any other suggestions? Should I check the whois of the domain and e-mail that e-mail address? Is there anything else I can do? Or am I screwed and just gonna have to wait until that crappy site dies out? :\

ETA: The site is
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