head case with a smile (justaminuteaway) wrote in thequestionclub,
head case with a smile


1. If a parent buys something for their child that the child never asked for, is it fair to bring it up as a 'I did this for you, so now you have to do this for me' kind of thing repeatedly? 

2. Which would you think less of - a parent who cared about their child's happiness but did not pay for their basic needs because the kid has a job, or a parent who pays for their child's needs but disregards their child's happiness as irrelivant? 

3. What are some signs that a parent is being emotionally/verbally abusive?

4. Hypothetical situation time, everyone's favorite. You have a kid. This is a stretch for some of you, but go with it. Your kid is not graduating high school on time. When your child was in 7th grade, they asked not to be put in accelorated math class, but because they tested well and the school reccomended it, you signed them up for it anyway. They took calculus early and failed. Due to their accelorated math courses, they were forced to repeat calculus because there were no other maths to take and they needed one more math credit to graduate. They fail it again. Who do you blame - your child, the school, or yourself?

5. If your children became celebrities with millions to their name, would you expect them to give you a lot of nice gifts and whatnot?
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