Wily as a coyote (fourcorners) wrote in thequestionclub,
Wily as a coyote

Sexual Hypothetical

Say you had a friend who was a high-paid escort. You guys have talked shop, and she/he charges $3,000 for 2 hours, of which she/he keeps $2,000. In one day, they have 5 calls. They make $10,000 per day. She/he works for an agency that sets everything up, and this agency has a strong reputation for punctuality and discretion.

One day, your friend calls you up, upset, and says that she/he is very sick and can't work that night, but because of the specific reputation of the business, they can't call in sick, for they'd be fired. She/he is already on the bubble for flaking out so much and if they left clients waiting again, your friend would be out of work. She/he has an enormous favor. Take her/his place. The next day, show up and take the 5 calls. Have sex with the clients. The clients don't necessarily pay for looks, it's for guarranteed sex and discretion afterwards, so if you're not proud of your looks, it's not a factor here. Before you could say a word, the friend gives you the rundown of those clients

If you're female,
-actor from That 70s Show
-son of a millionaire
-player from the Maple Leafs (hockey team)
-French entrepreneur

If you're male
-actress from Sex and the City
-desperate housewife of a Fortune 500 president
-retired model
-Iraqi widow
-college student

All the clients have been screened, understand the rules and won't demand anything more than conventional sex, and they all wish to be discreet, so they won't be blabbing about this experience. You can keep the $10,000 as reward for allowing your friend to keep their job. It's a one-day slutty day, and your friend promises to never bring this up again, and no one will know except you and him/her and your friend vows to never say a word. The day in question is a Saturday, so for most of you, you're off this day so there's no conflict with your regular work.

Also, consider any relationship you're in now. How would that factor in? Would you still do it? Would you tell your SO?

Would you agree to take your friend's place?
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