KT (katyism) wrote in thequestionclub,

Three old friends named Dick, Bertha, and Molly have been reunited recently. They have a past; Bertha and Molly have always competed for Dick's sexual attention, and each of them has slept with him on several occasions. At the reunion, Bertha and Molly both intend to hook up with Dick again at some point during the reunion, and, as is their habit, they defer to Dick to choose which of them it will be. As they get drunk, Dick starts making advances on both of them separately, but also makes it clear that he's feeling adventurous and states he would like to do both of them at once. Bertha is all for an exciting threesome, but Molly is horrified at the idea of Bertha being there and wants Dick to herself. Bertha and Molly both know that if one of them leaves, the other will get to be with Dick despite his threesome idea.

What do you say to the girls now, if you're Dick? (you're a sex addict one way or another)
What do you do if you're Molly or Bertha (remember, you're both obsessed with him)
What would you guess ultimately happened that night?
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