(CLU) (desirsar) wrote in thequestionclub,

Hopefully this is the right time for a question being read quickly...

For those of you with experience with toenails falling off after injury, or perhaps even a medical degree, should I or shouldn't I assist the nail in coming off?

So it was hit with a baseball. Felt kind of like the toe was broken or very severely cut along the edges from the impact, but neither of those seemed to happen. Week and a half later, most of the bruising is gone, it never bleeds anymore, and my nurse aunt insisted that the nail would eventually fall off. I was itching my toe with the carpet with socks on, and thought to myself that it might be bad to wedge potentially fungus-ed sock lint deeper into the corners of the nail, so I took off the sock and started to pick the lint out of the edges while reading a web page before heading to the bathroom to peroxide and alcohol it again. It made an interesting combination of a cracking and tearing sound, and felt very loose. I went into the bathroom and peeled it back a bit, and it's rather gooey and smelly inside. (Considerably less so after peroxiding it.) It doesn't hurt to pull back on, but it looks like it may still be connected by the goo, and doesn't seem to want to come all the way off near the nail bed, despite the nail growing under it.

On to the question! Should I make more of an effort to assist the nail coming off, or just sanitize it and leave it alone?
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