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odd situation...

Yesterday I was walking home from campus, and I happened to meet a girl named Sara. We started talking and hit it off fairly well. She is in the ROTC and leaving for camp in a month, and we sat around her place and shot the shit. She mentioned that she was selling her car, and I mentioned I had looked at one.

Later that night, I went and looked at this car with my best friend, and concluded that I didn't think my mom (who is helping me get the car, thanks to my crummy credit) would swing that high. (it's actually 6k)

So then today this Sara makes me an offer to sell her car for 3k, her dad is a mechanic and needs to replace the alternator, he can take my old car, etc. Her car is also a Saturn, but very basic--no power anything, and the other car is loaded. I told her I was interested but I'd have to see, and left it at that.

Well then tonight I talked to my mom and she's willing to (to my surprise) to help me get the more expensive car, which I'd really rather want as it's quite nice and newer.

Granted, I just met this girl, but I liked her well enough...I had mentioned I had looked at the other car last night but didn't really mention a lot else. What do you think I should tell her if I don't buy her car? I don't want to lie if we end up being decent enough friends, but I guess if we don't hit it off, no loss. Any suggestions?
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