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1. If you were a parent who smoked and your teenage child asked you to stop - would you? 

2. What would you think of a parent who said, point blank, no?

3. If the child tried a compromise with their parent and asked them to only smoke outside, would you find that reasonable?

4. Would you be able to justify not quitting by taking extra precautions around the house to keep the air "clean" (leaving windows open, changing the air filters more often then neccisary, etc.)?

5. Is there any situation in which it is okay for a parent to yell and mock their child for asking them to quit smoking?

6. Hypothetical situation time. There's a parent who refuses to quit smoking when their child asks. This parent is also a caregiver to a spouse with MS who has quit smoking for going on 10 years. The caregiver gets their spouse hooked back onto cigarettes. The only time the two parents and child spend together is primarily spent eating, making small talk, and smoking - the last of which, the child has made very clear they are opposed to. What would you think of such a parent?

7. What are some ways to help get rid of the smell and presence of smoke? It's everywhere in our house and I'm constantly sniffling and rubbing my eyes. My friends always say I smell like smoke. It is extremely irritating, in more ways than one. Any help is appreciated.

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