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this has been happening for awhile. please save the "go see a doctor" responses, because i have and he has no idea what's going on. i just hope that maybe someone here has an idea of what might be wrong.
i'll put it under the cut for all of those tl;dr commenters.

when i go out with people, whether they're acquaintances, or people i'm extremely comfortable with, i get sick. i start feeling nauseous and my stomach just feels..bad. it sometimes even gets to the point where my mouth starts watering and i experience a cold sweat and i'm on the verge of throwing up. i've never vomited in these situations, but i think it's mainly because i am so deathly afraid of vomiting that i talk myself out of it in my head and try to calm myself down.
this never happens when i'm at home, only when i'm hanging out with people. i've looked up all types of diseases and conditions that have to do with the stomach and i couldn't find anything that sounded like what i was experiencing.
i've finally come to the conclusion that it's probably me being social anxious and my stomach acids or something just reacting and therefore making me feel sick.

does this sound right to you?
have you ever experienced or known someone who experienced these symptoms?
why would this happen around people i'm the MOST comfortable with, like my longterm boyfriend?
any suggestions of what i can do? (i use tums & pepto bismol, but neither helps that much)

thank you so much in advance. it's really putting a damper on my entire life.
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