An Extraordinary Machine (slinksgirl) wrote in thequestionclub,
An Extraordinary Machine

End of the quarter headaches

So, lets say that I am writing a research paper and I quote a source.  However, the source I quote uses footnotes within the quote.  For example, this is what is written in my source:

“This is due, in part, to (1) his use of the dialectical system which has been primarily credited to Hegel;33 (2) Hegel’s concept of Absolute Spirit, in which he included Art, and in which music attained a high rank in the hierarchy of the arts; 34(3) and Hegel’s own approach to the polaristic understanding of major and minor triads, a concept which is quite similar to some of Hauptmann’s methodology in dealing with the triad.35

Do I maintain the author's foot notes AND footnote it myself to credit the actual quote?  Do I remove the author's footnotes and just add one on the end of the quote and credit the author?  I'm searching Google, but I cant find anything specific to this situation...

This paper BLOWS. 
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