sxyskeksis (sxyskeksis) wrote in thequestionclub,

Drinking Games

1. What's your favorite Drinking Game and what are the rules?
2. If someone brought up a drinking game called "Truth or Karaoke" what do you think the rules would be?

EDIT: What do you think of the rules as follows.
You get to pick Truth or Karaoke. If you refuse to answer the truth then you have to chug and sing at least 30 sec of a song of your challengers choosing. If you choose Karaoke then you get to choose your song but you have to take a shot or chug when you mess up.

1. We play Drunken Jenga. You have to roll a die to find out what happens. Sometimes it's a dare, sometimes it's a round of another drinking game like I Never or I Have.

2. In a drunken fit of dyslexia I said something about Truth or Karaoke. Now I want to come up with the rules but I need suggestions.
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