Alexandra (neglectedecho) wrote in thequestionclub,

Two questions. Both annoying

1) Is there a way on Myspace to change/add more options for your marital status? Seriously what about all of us who are in fucking up quasi relationships?

2) My boy was supposed to come see me this weekend, plans fell through because he wasn't funding it and ya ya ya. Ive been quite upset (I dont handle the Long Distance thing very well) So, should I spend $500 on a flight to houston from Vegas AND a hotel room for 4 nights? I can afford it sorta, that money was going to go to paying off credit cards and various debts. Im not in trouble and I would have enough money to pay a little on everything and then just pay em all off next pay period. and I really want to see him...So, should I be spontaneous?

Oh one more.

3) I adore my therapist but she is back where I used to live (Michigan, Im now in Utah) so maybe about every month I have a phone session with her, basically when I snap and cant take things anymore. Only problem with this is I cant get immediate contact with her because she needs a check from my father before the session (he didnt pay her for about a year $2000 in debt and a year later we now have to have a payment before the session) And since obviously my father is a bit of a flake sometimes it can take weeks to get her the check and then try to schedule. Im beginning to think that once every now and again isnt going to cut it anymore for me. Pressures of school and the aforementioned relationship have been taking their toll. So, should I try to find a new therapist here? If I have Blue Cross Blue Shield, is there a way for me to look them up online? And also, would it be awkward for you to have your therapist be your old prof. one whose class sealed the deal on you becoming a psychologist?
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