Shannon (persian__girl) wrote in thequestionclub,

Sore Throat


My throat killls :(!!! I've had this on/off sore-ish throat for a few days now. Sometimes I'd wake up and my throat'd be a bit sore.... It usually went away by the end of the day though. But last night I started to feel the pain coming back..... Then this morning I woke up twice because my throat friggin HURTS. I don't even have to swallow and I'm in pain. But - it's only the left side of it that is hurting. My neck hurts to touch it but nothing looks swollen....

Does anyone know if this could be something worth worrying about, or do you think it'll go away? And what can I do to ease the pain?? :(



I hate how when you have a sore throat, you seem to want to swallow ever fucking 5 seconds. Grr.

Edit: I take it back....I think I do feel a small bump on my left side. WAH!  I'm scared!!!!!!!

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