goop (goop) wrote in thequestionclub,

What was the last anonymous thing that somebody did for you?

Did you ever try to find out who it was?

What was the last anonymous thing that you did for someone else?

Do you ever feel the urge to tell them that it was you?

I mentioned in my journal recently that I wanted to change my username from camouflagekimmy to camokimmy so somebody bought me a rename token anonymously. I have no idea who it was but I was touched =)

Not exactly but I do still wonder who it was, I just don't know how to go about finding out. They also left an anonymous comment in my journal but I didn't have IP tracking at the time. blah.

I bought an expensive diaper for a friend who is in a tight financial situation but she kept saying she wanted it so I sent it to her anynmously.

She kept asking for the first few days who did it and I was so tempted to peep but I held my tongue.
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