Emily (euka) wrote in thequestionclub,

I'm going to write my very first resume in a couple of days, and i'm not altogether sure what to put on it. I know the whole education and job experience thing, but what about:

- I did an archaeology program over the summer where I went on a real dig. It was through school, should I put it under school, or what? Should I describe the kind of things I did?

- I helped out at the state museum cleaning and catalouging bones. it was only for a week, and i don't have the contact information for the woman i worked under. should i put that down?

- I did a radio contest where I lived on a bus for 22 days. I learned a lot about how radio stations work and marketing and whatnot (is it any surprise that radio people like to talk even when they're not on the air?) I also learned how to be civil and answer the SAME QUESTIONS OVER AND OVER even when tired, hungry, and irritated. is that too silly to put on a resume?

- I had a job for only a week or two (it was a small place and I was only getting 4 hours a week) but I rearranged a whole wall of the store and did a few displays. The job I want has some creativity involved, but I don't know if I want to list this job at all because it was so short and I think the management has changed and nobody working there would remember me.

In a job interview, I know they are going to ask me why i'm leaving my current job. Is 'they don't pay me enough' appropriate?

What other interview questions can I expect and what should I NOT say and do??

EDIT: i called for a job of printing/graphics clerk, and the woman said she would interview me and see where she thought i would fit best in the company (i think it might be somewhat large and they might have many openings, one of which she thought i might be more suited for)
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