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1. Have you tried this new Coke Blak stuff? I detest the taste of coffee, and coke, but somehow together....mmmm, it's good. and probably terrible for you. Actually, I don't think I'll ever have another one. Now I feel rather jittery. I'm not used to caffeine.

2. Do you ever get mail? No one sends good old fashioned letters anymore. My cousin did send me a book the other day, and my grandma sent me a picture of an elephant playing soccer, but no letters in almost a year.

3. If you're still in school, have you gotten your yearbooks yet? How are they? We get ours tomorrow! I'm very excited. Our yearbooks are always excellent. We actually hold a record for biggest yearbook. Last year's was five pounds. :D

4. Have you ever read Johnny the Homicidal Maniac? My friend was reading one in class and he showed it to me. It's just sick. Why do people read comics about deranged murderers?! Actually, it was kind of funny, but still, twisted and sick all the same.

5. So, say you're putting on a show with middle school students, what show do you choose? My friends are directing a musical at the middle school but can't choose a show that is appropriate and still interesting.
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