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Baby... You know I love you, right?

Oh no! The elevator in the Maury Show building just crashed and Maury and his staff are in the hospital. But the show must go on! You have been chosen to get the next show ready.

Remember, you have to keep it wacky and if possible, at least three of your guests must flip out and run off stage.

What topic do you pick?
You have to give the show a horrible title, too (today's was "I'm only 13... But I know you're my baby's daddy!"). So, what's your title?
And what the hell, tell us a little something about your guests.

While we're on the subject, what are some cliche phrases used on these trashy talk shows? "Baby, you know I love you" and "I am one-THOUSAND percent sure" are two I can think of. I need more.
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